A castle, a football field and a beach volleyball court; caves with the possibility of descending more than 50 metres deep and factories of hundreds of tea varieties; dinosaur footprints, blue quarries and natural river pools.

Pegadas de Dinoussauro



In MEIO we privilege the recipes, the ingredients, the products, the people, the culture, the history and the traditions of the region. This local inspiration is the starting point for many of the programs we suggest, for the diversity, authenticity and exclusivity that we want to offer to our visitors.

So much to discover

Alcanede is in the centre of Portugal, a country with an increasing capacity to surprise the world. Up to 50 kms, come and discover the sea that gave birth to the most famous wave in the world, in Nazaré; feel the call of the paths of faith, visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, the Holy Miracle in Santarém, or crossing one of the oldest tracks of the routes of Santiago de Compostela; become part of the history by visiting the Batalha Monastery and the Chocolate Village, Óbidos.

Santarém Capital do Gótico

So much to taste

Imagine that, during a break of a training session, you restore your energy with some of Santarém conventual sweets; think of ending a day´s work in the best tavern of the region and proposing a toast with “ginginha de Óbidos” in a chocolate cup; antecipate a tour of snacks and help yourself with cheese, sausages and homemade bread that you can also learn to make; add a tablespoon of organic honey from the heath and make a tea with the plants that grew in the land of herbalists. In MEIO nature’s flavours are also lived as a whole.

So much to do

Riding a mountain bike or a donkey; discovering the Alviela bats; walking along the tracks of the park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros; watching the animal blessing or the performance of the philarmonic band; attending a carts racing or being an extra in a historical recreation; sliding down in a water park; or being a shepherd for a day. In MEIO you have a program for the whole day.

Discover what can be known, taste or do Alcanede and nearby, while staying at MEIO.