Located in the village of Alcanede, in Santarém, MEIO is the way to value different forms of knowledge, integrated within the Community. In the middle of the green of the poplars and the blue of the river Alca, Quinta da Ponte has gone through four family generations.

Since the time when the great-grandparents created the mobile school, today, MEIO recovers and renews it, devoting a vocation to it: to gather knowledge as a whole, in a context of permanence or passage, and always with a spirit of openness and freedom.

História do MEIO


MEIO, from the beginning.

MEIO returns to its origins and renews a family vocation of several generations of teachers. In 1915, due to the need of Alcanede village, a part of the family house functioned as a school. It was also the beginning of a mobile school.


Meio’s commitment is knowledge as a whole.

MEIO is committed to serving knowledge in an integrated and transversal way, with a spirit of freedom and excellence. Due to the vocation of the space linked to education, the team and the promoters’ experience , this is the ideal way to achieve projects, training courses and events of different extents, natures and imaginations.

Visão do MEIO
Missão do MEIO


The means to an end called MEIO.

MEIO’s mission is to provide training, backgrounds and experiences guided by the best specialists in each area. At the same time, we show the surrounding environment, the skills and talents of people living nearby, the natural and cultural heritage, industries and crafts that serve as the engine of growth and innovation in the region, from the quarries to the herbs, from the dinosaur footprints to the music lessons, from the Natural Park to gastronomy.


Quinta da Ponte welcomes MEIO

A slightly familiar atmosphere, green surroundings, fresh air, sounds of nature and the luxury of freedom. The space you will find is an ancient estate, renovated over generations, whose name, Quinta da Ponte, is due to the river that runs through it and over which there is still a Roman bridge. Quinta da Ponte keeps a stone tank and a noria which once gave life to a colourful orchard, extending for about four hectars. From Monte da Fonte we can see the whole village and its castle.

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What you can find in MEIO for learning, working and celebrating.

The house offers training and meeting rooms, equipped offices, an old oil mill converted into a living room, halls, reading and meals corners, outdoor spaces, an elevator, a terrace and green spaces, designed for learning, working and leisure. To ensure the freedom of staying in the house, there are seven double rooms with a private bathroom. If you wish, we take care of all meals and anything you may need. We are able to drive people across the region, accompanying them in groups or individually, hiking, mountain biking, off-road, by car or minibus. The house is designed to receive people with reduced mobility. Freedom is absolute.

Natureza do MEIO
Natureza do MEIO
Castelo de Alcanede


Who will welcome you in MEIO

MEIO is the fulfilment of an idea of the owners of Quinta da Ponte. In their journeys and work experiences, they created strong professional and friendship relationships with many people they met. With their knowledge and collaboration, many of them participated in the building of this project, of which they are now part. The dedicated and passionate way the Alcanede community works, lives and celebrates its heritage and traditions was also an inspiration for this project. It is this community that now shares its knowledge with whoever becomes part of MEIO.